Yeah I've always wanted to do original soundtracks for movies, clips, flash movies, anything of the movie-like sort. I have some friends over here that run independent movie organizations and I do soundtracks their work. To be honest, depending on how serious the movie is, music plays a really BIG part in them. For example if the music in a movie sucks, then the movie sucks. The music sets the mood, its the feelings, the real feelings. Not the chick finding out her bf cheated on her, it's the music in the background. Ever notice that?

That's where I come in.

It's rather late, I'm tired as fuck. I signed up for this website becuase it looks fun and interesting, and hopefully it'll be a chance to expand my solo project a little more. But to the point I almost always use the sn of my favorite solo artist "The Album Leaf", wich is 'albumleaf' on all the forums I use and such. But see, I didn't know you could actually promote your music on here so I really wish I didn't do that, and instead named it 'papertrees'.

Why my sn is 'albumleaf' & not 'Paper/Trees'.