Entry #1

Why my sn is 'albumleaf' & not 'Paper/Trees'.

2009-02-14 09:47:16 by albumleaf

It's rather late, I'm tired as fuck. I signed up for this website becuase it looks fun and interesting, and hopefully it'll be a chance to expand my solo project a little more. But to the point I almost always use the sn of my favorite solo artist "The Album Leaf", wich is 'albumleaf' on all the forums I use and such. But see, I didn't know you could actually promote your music on here so I really wish I didn't do that, and instead named it 'papertrees'.

Why my sn is 'albumleaf' & not 'Paper/Trees'.


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2009-02-15 08:27:00

Welcome to Newgrounds.
There's a lot of awesome music here.
Also if you manage to get your music in a Flash movie, you'll get more publicity for your album.
Good Luck.


2009-02-15 18:00:34

You coulds always Pm the creator of the site and ask him if he could change your name.


2009-02-16 14:05:47

the album leaf is a good band though :)